For the past 20 years, dentists at Manchester Dental Practice have improved thousands of patients’ smiles in a safe, dependable and ethical way. Our personalised treatment plans are tailored to suit your everyday needs to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Our cosmetic treatments at Manchester Dental Practice include:


Veneers are suitable for patients who want to change the shape of their front teeth or are unhappy with the alignment of their teeth. Veneers are a thin sheet of porcelain which are fixed onto your teeth.

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Composite bonding

In line with a shift towards more minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, composite bonding is tooth coloured filling material which can be hand sculpted by the dentist to transform the shape, colour and the appearance of teeth, sometimes even on the same day as your consultation. This can be done to correct the alignment of the teeth along with orthodontics (Invisalign) or it can be done to correct chipped or worn down teeth. A Composite veneer is when composite is placed strategically on the whole tooth to change the colour or shape of the tooth. Both composite bonding and composite veneers are excellent ways to rapidly achieve the smile you want.

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Crowns are also known as caps that cover the tooth surface restoring its original structural form. They can be made from metals, ceramic, porcelain and composite materials. They are used in situations where the tooth has lost most of its structure due to decay or fracture, has had root canal treatment or for cosmetic reasons to change the shape or colour of the tooth.

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A bridge fills a gap where a tooth has been extracted. There are two types of bridges: resin bonded bridge and conventional bridge. A resin bonded bridge involves construction of a false tooth with a metal wing which attaches to the tooth in front. This is a reliable and quick way to restore a gap without damaging the neighbouring teeth. A conventional bridge involves drilling the neighbouring tooth to place a crown which has a false tooth attached to it.

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Implants are one of the most effective ways of filling a gap. An implant is a screw which is carefully placed into the bone, onto which a crown is attached. Implants act and feel like natural teeth which means you can eat and smile with confidence. Implants can reverse the early signs of ageing caused by tooth loss.

Implants are placed and restored at MDP by Dr Butt and Dr Saleem who are renowned for their experience and attention to detail.

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Invisalign has become globally popular being the first in the market to use clear aligners to gradually straighten crooked or gappy teeth. Invisalign are pioneers in clear aligner therapy and the Invisalign clear aligners are custom made for you. They are comfortable, easy to take out and adaptable to your lifestyle which makes them an ideal teeth alignment solution.

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Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are similar to the traditional metal wires but are far more aesthetically appealing. The brackets are clear and the wire is white making it almost invisible. They work as well as traditional braces making them popular with patients.

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