Dermal fillers can help you reshape your features and smooth away wrinkles. They offer a long-lasting and natural-looking treatment which can be used in any part of your face. At Manchester Dental Practice, we use the world-renowned Juvederm Ultra range of dermal fillers.

At Manchester Dental Practice we want to preserve and enhance your smile. We have considerable experience of successfully applying Juvéderm dermal fillers to a wide variety of, very satisfied, patients. If you need to regain volume in your skin, our dermal filler treatment offers you the solution to restoring the natural brilliance of your smile.

What are dermal fillers?

Achieving symmetry and proportion is the key to a beautiful face and at Manchester Dental Practice, our expert aesthetic professionals, use dermal filler as their main tool to help you achieve this. We can re-volumise, sculpt and re-shape areas of your face whilst preserving a natural look.

When you visit Manchester Dental Practice, you can have the peace of mind of being in the capable hands of a highly professional and dedicated team. We are passionate about giving you a first-class experience with results to boost your confidence and the vitality of your smile. As with every treatment we offer, our award winning clinicians will carefully talk through your options to ensure you can make the best choices about looking and feeling good about your smile.

What is the treatment?

At Manchester Dental Practice, we offer three dermal filler treatments:

  • Non-surgical Nose Job: Our aesthetic medical professionals can use dermal fillers to sculpt and re-shape your nose, offering a much less complicated and severe alternative to surgery. You could have the treatment done in a single short appointment.
  • Lip-Enhancement: our clinicians have substantial experience and specialist skills needed to volumise lips with outstanding results.
  • At Manchester Dental Practice, our aesthetic medical professionals use the key principles to achieve an attractive overall appearance. We don’t focus on one feature in isolation without taking the rest of the face into consideration. This helps us avoid ‘fake’ looking features.
  • Facial Profiling: applying classical principles of beauty we rebalance facial features. Facial profiling treatment combines lip, chin and non-surgical nose job treatments to create a more attractive profile.

Do you want to reshape your features or smooth wrinkles away for a more beautiful face?

For quick and effective dermal filler treatments, call Manchester Dental Practice today on 0161 8330 704 where our highly expert and friendly dental team will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable treatment.