When you see bleeding gums whilst brushing, this can be an indicator of gum disease and the right time to seek advice from a dentist or hygienist. That is why our hygienist services are proving increasingly popular with patients because they offer a quick and easy way to improving your gum health. Gums are important because they support the bone, which keep your teeth in place. If gum disease develops and is not treated the bone can become damaged resulting in loss of teeth.

Oral hygiene is important for everyone and the foundation of a good dental treatment plan combined with regular visits to the hygienist. At Manchester Dental Practice, our professional hygienists help you prevent gum disease from developing by professionally removing hard tartar from your teeth. Tartar is formed when plaque builds up on your teeth over time and harms your mouth by making your gums become inflamed and bleed.

Our hygienists use a system called ‘airflow polishing’ system otherwise known as micro-abrasion. This is good for removing plaque and tartar. The added benefits of this treatment are the removal of stains caused by smoking, tea and coffee and wine. It is a safe and quick way to brighten your teeth.