Sometimes teeth have either brown or white stains which are cannot be removed by whitening alone. These stains are normally caused by loss of calcium (white stains) or by defects created during tooth development which generate severe brown stains within the enamel layer of the tooth. Often these types of stains require treatment beyond simple whitening to eliminate them.

At Manchester Dental Practice we want to preserve and enhance your smile. We have considerable experience of successfully using micro-abrasion treatment for a wide variety of, very satisfied, patients. If you need to whiten your teeth, our treatments offer you the complete solution to restoring the natural brilliance of your smile.

What is Micro-abrasion?

Micro-abrasion uses a mixture of abrasive agents which are applied to the tooth’s surface continuously until the external stained layers of enamel are rubbed away. The outcome is a smooth, gleaming surface which is highly resistant to decay.

What is the treatment?

When you visit Manchester Dental Practice, you can have the peace of mind of being in the capable hands of a highly professional and dedicated team. We are passionate about giving you a first-class experience with results to boost your confidence and the vitality of your smile. As with every treatment we offer, our award winning clinicians will carefully talk through your options to ensure you can make the best choices about looking and feeling good about your smile.

At Manchester Dental Practice, we offer micro-abrasion and ICON treatments.

A typical micro-abrasion treatment takes the following process:

Firstly, the teeth are prepared by isolating them from the lips and gums to prevent contact with the abrasive mixture. The mixtures is applied and continuously rubbed onto the tooth or teeth and then rinsed. This is repeated until the stain has been removed or is stopped because the results are unlikely to be realised. Finally, fluoride gel is applied to the teeth to reduce any temporary sensitivity.

A more innovative treatment for disguising white spots is called ICON. It is less invasive and painless sand and does not damage healthy tooth structure. This treatment can be completed in 20-30 minutes after which the tooth’s appearance is radically transformed.

Do you want to remove stains from your teeth?

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